Machine Learning in Action

A perfect hands-on practice for beginners to elevate their ML skills


We are professional ML enthusiasts who have more than 4 years of work experience in machine learning field. We also have master’s degree in CS which involved solving machine learning based research problems. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and expertise to beginners in this field.


A perfect hands-on practice for the beginners – We intend to provide an insight into various machine learning algorithms with real life applications. This will assist beginners to form a basic foundation to approach a complex real world problem.

The goal of the blog posts is to present the practical ML techniques on real world data-sets while avoiding the barriers of detailed or complex mathematics and underlying abstract theory.

Our Belief

We believe that a well written post supported by good illustrations is a better means of conveying information than thick books and vast theoretical documents. Usually, beginners in ML desperately want to get started in applying ML concepts,but usually get stuck in the theory and the academic side. Also, a major obstacle faced by students is guidance.

In our posts, the readers will find more of the explanation and figures, than lengthy proofs through mathematical derivations. You can read our blog-posts in “Applications” category to get started with pragmatic approach of ML in real world scenarios. We have seen that a lot of students/academicians are interested in doing academic/research projects in machine learning during their respective technical courses or as a final year project. A commendable work in solving research problems may lead to a good research paper. We hope this blog will help the readers in achieving the same.

Interested in taking up ML Training Program with us ??

Visit our Contact page and enrol with us to undergo a comprehensive machine learning training which will provide you with:

  • a strong theoretical foundation, step-by-step, of various ML models,
  • hands-on coding skill development in Python, and
  • end-to-end Academic/Research applications using ML models in various fields like Text Analytics, Image Processing & Speech Analytics etc.

If you are not able to find suitable guidance, if you are stuck in theories or if you are unable to think of ML applications to start with,  we offer you to accomplish the same and effectively implement end-to-end projects. We have trained professionals/ developers/academicians in pursuing such interests.

Swift your progress in ML with guaranteed delivery of results.